Drivers License - CNH (Carteira Nacional de Habilitação)

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  • Apply for a Brazilian drivers' license

A Brazilian drivers' license should be obtained from a driving school, where the applicant should complete the driving lessons then sit the exam. If you would like us to recommend some driving schools, apply for a Brazilian driver's license here


For some foreigners, they may exchange their international driver’s license for a temporary Brazilian license, others may exchange it for a full Brazilian license and others have to take the written and practical tests as if starting from scratch. A foreigner may use their foreign driver's license to drive in Brazil for up to 6 months after they enter the country, after that a Brazilian drivers’ license is necessary to drive on Brazilian roads. In order to obtain a Brazilian drivers’ license you must take some driving lessons with an instructor, and then pass a test upon completion of the lessons, unless you are able to exchange your drivers’ license for a Brazilian one. If you would like us to exchange your license for a Brazilian one, or arrange an instructor and/or an interpreter for your Brazilian drivers’ license, please contact us.